Academic Staff


Danie Vlok
Title, Name and Surname Mr. Danie Vlok
Job Title Academic Head
Qualification(s) MBA (Rhodes)
BA Hons (Sociology) (UPE)
BA (Stell)
Academic & Research Interest Knowledge Management, Open Distance Learning, Learning Theories, Learning Technology, Academic Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Prince Leburu
Title, Name and Surname Mr. Prince Leburu
Job Title Programme Manager: Marketing Management
Qualification(s) B-Tech: Marketing Management (VUT)
National Diploma: Marketing Management (VUT)
Academic & Research Interest The Critical Role of Information Literacy in Teaching and Learning

Adele Bellingan
Title, Name and Surname Mrs. Adele Bellingan
Job Title Programme Manager: Higher Certificate Business Management
Qualification(s) Currently registered for Masters Psychology (Unisa)
BA Honours Psychological Counselling (Unisa)
BCom Honours in Business Management Financial Management (Unisa)
BCom Financial Management (Unisa)
National Diploma Technical Financial Accounting (ICB)
Academic & Research Interest The perception of E-Learning amongst students within Private Higher Education, context and distance learning: the relationship between potential motivation and performance benefits.

Title, Name and Surname Dr. Greig Krull
Job Title Manager: Short Learning Programmes
Qualification(s) BBusSc (Rhodes)
MCom (Rhodes)
PhD (E-Learning) (UOC)
Academic & Research Interest Open Distance Learning, Mobile Learning, Learning Technologies, Open Education

Thandekile Nkohla
Title, Name and Surname Mrs. Thandekile Nkohla
Job Title E-Tutor
Qualification(s) BTech Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
Academic & Research Interest Education and Social Development

Nathan Laurence
Title, Name and Surname Mr. Nathan Laurence
Job Title HET E-Tutor
Qualification(s) BCom Marketing
Academic & Research Interest Project Management and Marketing

Jayde Lazarus
Title, Name and Surname Miss. Jayde Lazarus
Job Title E-Tutor
Qualification(s) BA Honours in Pyschology (NMMU)
Postgraduate Certificate in Intermediate and Senior Education (Unisa)
Academic & Research Interest Higher Education and technology advancement

Andisiwe Tshikitsha
Title, Name and Surname Miss. Andisiwe Tshikitsha
Job Title E-Tutor
Qualification(s) BAdmin Honours in Industrial Psychology (UFH)
BAdmin HRM (UFH)
Academic & Research Interest Employee Wellness

Bulelani Dumalisile
Title, Name and Surname Miss. Bulelani Dumalisile
Job Title E-Tutor
Qualification(s) BTech Human Resources Management (WSU)
Academic & Research Interest Resistance to change

Yvonne Mushaninga
Title, Name and Surname Ms. Yvonne Mushaninga
Job Title Lecturer: Human Resource Management and Business Communication
Qualification(s) Diploma: Training Management (IPMZ)
BCom Hons Industrial Psychology (Unisa)
BSoc Sci Human Resource Management (UCT)
Academic & Research Interest Employee wellness and work engagement among academic staff within the private education sector.

Noluthando Mbangeleli
Title, Name and Surname Ms. Noluthando Mbangeleli
Job Title Lecturer: Business Management and Project Management
Qualification(s) Currently registered for MCom in Leadership (UKZN)
BCom Hons Business Management (Unisa)
BCom Information Management (UJ)
Academic & Research Interest Leadership and employee empowerment


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